Floor Lamps Glass Shade - Awning Window Crank.

Floor Lamps Glass Shade

floor lamps glass shade

    floor lamps
  • (floor lamp) a lamp that stands on the floor

  • (Floor lamp) A torchiere (tour-she-AIR or tour-SHARE), or torch lamp, is a lamp with a tall stand of wood or metal. Originally, torchieres were candelabra, usually with two or three lights.

  • A tall lamp designed to stand on the floor

  • (FLOOR LAMP) A floor lamp comprises a stand that supports the bulb holder and bulb, which is shaded to distribute light.  Like table lamps, floor lamps cast a warm, ambient, cozy glow, and are also good for delivering local light to a couch or chair.

  • Any similar substance that has solidified from a molten state without crystallizing

  • A thing made from, or partly from, glass, in particular

  • furnish with glass; "glass the windows"

  • a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure

  • A hard, brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent, made by fusing sand with soda, lime, and sometimes other ingredients and cooling rapidly. It is used to make windows, drinking containers, and other articles

  • a container for holding liquids while drinking

  • Darken or color (an illustration or diagram) with parallel pencil lines or a block of color

  • Cover, moderate, or exclude the light of

  • Screen from direct light

  • relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body; "it is much cooler in the shade"; "there's too much shadiness to take good photographs"

  • represent the effect of shade or shadow on

  • shadow: cast a shadow over

floor lamps glass shade - Verilux Original

Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp, Graphite

Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp, Graphite

The Original Deluxe Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp utilizes over 50 years of research expertise to create a versatile and practical lamp. Glare is eliminated and colors look vibrant through a Verilux Parabolic Grid Diffuser and Flicker Elimination Technology virtually removes fatigue, eyestrain, and headaches. A flexible gooseneck and two levels of illumination place indoor sunshine exactly where you want it. This lamp’s finishes match any decor. The Original also has an advanced electronic ballast system which provides greater light output and ensures you are using less power

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Original Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp

At a Glance:
Parabolic Grid Diffuser shields your eyes from glare and directs light toward your work and away from your eyes

Flicker Elimination Technology provides steady illumination without eye-straining flicker

Electronic ballast assures zero power usage when the lamp is off and greater light output when the lamp is on

Verilux 27-Watt Fluorescent Natural Spectrum 10,000-hour bulb delivers bright, soothing, and energy-saving indoor daylight

Ergonomic design and flexible gooseneck direct light where you need it most

Two-way brightness control allows you to switch from bright to super bright light

One-year limited warranty

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Verilux CleanWave Sanitizing Furniture & Bed Vac Product Shot
This lamp stimulates the rods and cones in your eyes to improve focus.
View larger.
Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp, Graphite Product Shot
Available in an elegant graphite or ivory finish to compliment any room decor. View larger.
Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp, Graphite Product Shot
Exclusive Parabolic Grid Diffuser protects you from glare. View larger.
The Original Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp by Verilux, Inc.
Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Backed by 50 Years of Research
The Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp is a delight for sore eyes. It not only provides the best of natural daylight indoors, but it also helps eliminate glare, eyestrain, and fatigue.
This versatile and practical lamp uses patented technology to sharpen vision with greater contrast and true color vibrancy. Flicker Elimination Technology provides steady illumination while its Parabolic Grid Diffuser shields your eyes from glare, making reading, crafting, painting, and any other visually demanding tasks more enjoyable and easier to perform for longer periods of time. The flexible gooseneck allows you to direct light right where you need it most or cast broader lighting for an entire area. With an advanced electronic ballast system, Verilux lamps provide greater light output with less energy usage. You get 150-watts of comparable incandescent brightness using only 27 watts of energy, so your bulb lasts longer, creating less waste and more savings for you.
Scientifically Tuned to the Human Eye
The back of the human eye has light receptors, called cones and rods, located in the retina. Cones respond to different color wavelengths and rods handle depth perception and contrast.
Under typical interior lights, the rods and cones are not well stimulated, which can cause visual fatigue. With the Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp, the eye responds more efficiently, improving comprehension, productivity, and focus.
About Verilux, Inc.
Founded in 1956, Verilux, Inc., the "Healthy Lighting Company," is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of lifestyle products utilizing Natural Spectrum lighting technology. The company offers a wide range of high quality home, office, and travel products engineered to improve vision, help alleviate the symptoms associated with seasonal light change, aid in sleeping, sanitize surfaces without the use of chemicals, and clear and rejuvenate the skin. Verilux, which is Latin for "true light," is committed to supporting balanced and healthy lifestyles that benefit everyone and the world around us. Verilux calls this "life in a better light."
Technical Details
Lamp height: 48 inches high at a 90-degree position, 61 inches extended. Base: 10-1/2 by 9 inches (W x D). Head Dimensions: 9-1/2 by 5-3/4 by 1-3/4 inches (H x W x D). Weight: 10 pounds.
What's in the Box
Original Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp (Graphite), 27-Watt Fluorescent Natural Spectrum 10,000-hour bulb, and Parabolic Grid Diffuser.

Trademark Information
Natural Spectrum®
Flicker Elimination Technology®
Scientifically tuned to the human eye™27-Watt Flourescent Natural Spectrum®

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Lafayette Blvd Floor Lamp

Lafayette Blvd Floor Lamp

You’ll love the distinctive, frosted-marble look of the glass shade, the antique brass finish, and the adjustable gooseneck lamp, at just the right height for optimal use in close tasks. You’ll appreciate the convenience of separate on-off switches, too -- not to mention the energy-saving potential. This combination lamp was born from customer suggestions -- a great idea, beautifully realized in the Lafayette Blvd Floor Lamp.

For more information, visit us at Facebook.com/firstSTREETinc



20 inches width Indian basket stained glass tiffany shade;

10 inches width 28 inches height twisted tower solid bronze base table lamp with black and greenish or brown and greenish patina;

matched with 3-socket solid bronze light cluster.

floor lamps glass shade

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