Cylinder Lamp Shades : Shade Tolerant Roses.

Cylinder Lamp Shades

cylinder lamp shades

    lamp shades
  • (lamp shade) lampshade: a protective ornamental shade used to screen a light bulb from direct view

  • (Lamp shade) A lampshade is a fixture that covers the lightbulb on a lamp to diffuse the light it emits. Conical, cylindrical and other forms on floor-, desk- or table top-mounted as well as suspended lamp models are the most common and are made in a wide range of materials.

  • (Lamp Shade) The shade serves the important function of blocking the glare from a light bulb and is usually the most decorative part of a lamp. The lamp shade can be made of glass, fabric, metal, or other more creative materials.

  • a chamber within which piston moves

  • A piston chamber in a steam or internal combustion engine

  • a surface generated by rotating a parallel line around a fixed line

  • A solid geometric figure with straight parallel sides and a circular or oval section

  • A solid or hollow body, object, or part with such a shape

  • a solid bounded by a cylindrical surface and two parallel planes (the bases)

NO. 3-A Kodak Folding Pocket Camera Model C IMG 1503 498 500 tonemapped

NO. 3-A Kodak Folding Pocket Camera Model C  IMG 1503 498 500 tonemapped

This camera belonged to my grandparents and was used back in 1920's (s/n 365631- Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter) and there after to take pictures. Many of my father. I tried to capture somewhat of an early look by HDR & Tonemapping. I took three images of different exposures to obtain this end result. Thanks to Angie for you know what ;)

The 3A Folding Pocket Kodak, Eastman Kodak's first postcard format camera, was introduced in 1903 and sold until 1915. Kodak produced seven models of the 3A Folding Pocket Kodak (thankfully abbreviated as 3A FPK). The models were known as B, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5, C and G.

The F.P.K. Automatic shutter was equipped with a pneumatic release. (Not shown on this model)The original rubber hose and squeeze ball are still attached to the pneumatic cylinder. The shutter has one instantaneous speed plus time and bulb. The pneumatic release can prevent camera shake when using the time and bulb settings. The rubber hose and bulb are removable, but because of their size, they could also be left permanently attached, as they do not interfere with closing the camera.

The 3A FPK created 3 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch postcard format images on Kodak 122 roll film. Kodak 122 film was first introduced for use in the 3A FPK and was available in four, six or ten exposure lengths.

Jan 1912 - 1915 : Model C (from serial No 266801) had a new baseboard design with new finder and levels.

From April 1910 all the cameras supplied to Kodak Limited in the UK had black rather than red bellows and from Aug 1912 (from serial No 295000) all cameras including the USA ones changed to black bellows.

NO Sepia TreatmentThe lighting was a 2700K Energy saving light bulb with a lamp shade that gave it a sepia look.

There's a clock hidden in this picture, can you find it?

Beach Lifeguard Photo Lamp Shade

Beach Lifeguard Photo Lamp Shade

Beach Lifeguard Photo on a medium size Cylinder Lamp Shade.

cylinder lamp shades

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